Joint School Graduation Ceremony of PLK Affiliated Kindergartens
 Over 2,200 students graduating from 24 PLK kindergartens

The Joint School Graduation Ceremony of Affiliated Kindergartens under PLK Education Affairs Department was held on 26 June 2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo. A total of 2,250 students from 24 PLK kindergartens received their graduation certificates under the witness of Mr. Yun Hung Yeung, Kevin, JP, Secretary for Education.

Mr. Yeung delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony, encouraging students to always be grateful. “This is your first graduate certificate in life. It signifies the completion of your first stage of studies, testifying the hard work of teachers and parents as well. Don’t forget your teacher’s care and love for you.” Mr. Yeung wished that PLK would continue to provide quality educational services for next generations for social good, while students would grow up healthily and learn joyfully.

Mr Ching Nam Ma, JP, chairman of PLK and chief principal, stated in his speech that two affiliated kindergartens successfully passed the Quality Review of Education Bureau and received good feedback, including PLK Mrs Chao King Lin Kindergarten and and PLK Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai Chun Kindergarten.

Mr Ma also pointed out one of the working goals of this year was to promote “One sport in a lifetime” scheme to establish a healthy, pleasant environment, in which good habits of exercising and temperament of such are promoted. In addition to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Fourth Joint School Swimming Gala of the affiliated kindergartens this year would include “70th National Day Anniversary Cup Inter-School Competition”, allowing students to unleash their potential.

Furthermore, Mr Ma encouraged students to study hard in primary school, wished them to grow up healthily to repay parents and teachers for their care and guidance.

Ms Daisy C F Ho, chairman of PLK Education Affairs Department and registered school director, gave a summary of the academic development of affiliated kindergartens in the past year. She specifically mentioned that to promote professional development of teachers, affiliated kindergartens focused on organizing a series of middle-level management training to enhance the professionalism of staff and strengthen positive atmosphere across the team. Besides, affiliated kindergarten teachers participated in a workshop organized by Department of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Hong Kong, to learn more about the characteristics of and teaching methods for children with language developmental delays, hoping to unearth student learning needs early and make appropriate follow-ups.

Through the above events and multi-channel support, Ms Ho hoped to drive whole-person development and lay a foundation for lifelong learning in the future.

The 24 PLK affiliated kindergartens under PLK Education Affairs Department that participated in Joint School Graduation Ceremony are as follows: PLK Vicwood KT Chong Kindergarten, PLK Ng Tor Tai Kindergarten, PLK Tin Ka Ping Siu Hong Kindergarten, PLK Tang Bik Wan Memorial Kindergarten, PLK Tin Ka Ping Kindergarten, PLK Fung Leung Kit Memorial Kindergarten, PLK Fung Leung Kit Memorial Kindergarten, PLK Yip Ng Bun Bun Kindergarten, PLK Mrs Chao King Lin Kindergarten, PLK Fiona Cheung Sum Yu Kindergarten, PLK Yick Kwai Fong Kindergarten, PLK Mrs Vicwood KT Chong Kindergarten, PLK Kam Hing Kindergarten, PLK Chan Seng Yee Kindergarten, PLK Li Tsui Chung Sing Memorial Kindergarten, PLK Fong Wong Woon Tai Kindergarten, PLK Mrs Fong Wong Kam Chuen Kindergarten, PLK Tai So Shiu Wan Kindergarten, PLK Tam Au-Yeung Siu Fong Memorial Kindergarten, PLK Cheung Poon Mei Yee Kindergarten, PLK Choi Koon Shum Kindergarten, PLK Mrs Tam Wah Ching Kindergarten, PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Kindergarten, PLK Lee Shu Fook Kindergarten, and PLK Eleanor Kwok Law Kwai Chun Kindergarten. The number of kindergarten graduates this academic year was 2,250.