Social worker  

Po Leung Kuk School-Based Social Worker Service

School-based social worker: Ms Ho Pik Ki

Availability: Every  Thursday and Friday

Introduction of Pilot Plan:

  • The school has enrolled in the 3-year Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions (phase 3)
  • Provide school-based social worker service for students starting from September 2020
  • To identify and support students who need social welfare supportService fee: free of charge

Po Leung Kuk School-Based Social Worker Service


  • To provide consultation and enquiry service for students and their families
  • To organize parenting groups and talks and strength support to families
  • To provide students with diversified growth group
  • To offer risks support for necessary cases

If you have any problems in your child’s growth adaptation, parenting, parent-child relationship, family communications etc., you are welcomed to visit us or contact the school.

We look forward to meeting with you!