Active teaching, five pillars of growth, to serve and help society teach and nurture youth .


3 years in total; including K1, K2 and K3.

Enrolment Age:

Children are welcome to apply once they reach 2 years and 8 months old or above

School curriculum and speciality:

Curriculum Planning:

Our school organises a curriculum in accordance with Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide from the Education Bureau and children’s ability, interest and life experience, in order to nurture children to become a new generation who enjoys learning, effective in communication with a developed sense of responsibility and innovation.

School Teachers:

All teachers have been professionally trained, with senior teaching experience. Our school has also hired foreign English and Putonghua teachers, in order to implement biliterate and trilingual education. They aim to build bilateral communication, stimulate students’ thinking, as well as enhance their languages, expression ability, proficiency, through the learning and teaching from lessons.

Drama Education:

Our kindergarten has established a troupe called “Waa4-Sing1-Zing3-Pou2”, which aims to merge the elements of drama education into life education. It prompts children to express themselves through character, environment and story, which deepens their impression, enhance their learning motivation and interest. It thus enhances and stimulates children’s thinking and memory, which promotes their whole-person development.

Life Education:

Through visiting and group learning, the life experience of children will be enriched, as well as living and education will be merged into one. Through open-ended questions, children will learn and think. Activities’ process, result and effectiveness will be recorded by digital technology in order to be further analyzed and evaluated.

Smoke Free Education:

Through “Smoking Prevention Education Programme for Kindergarten” held with Department of Health, PLK has self-developed “The Smoke-free Education Teaching Resources Kit”. It brings children to understand smoking hazards, promotes the importance of building a smoke-free family together, and makes them develop a smoke free attitude.

Proper Cantonese Pronunciation:

Through the contents of “Proper Cantonese Pronunciation Teaching Resources Kit”, picture book stories, multi‐layered books, game activities, etc., children’s abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be enhanced.

Environmental Education:

Our school is committed to the implementation of practice oriented school-based environmental education, and encourages children to personally participate diversified environmental activities. We also promote environmental education across the curriculum, in order to raise the environmental awareness of parents and children.

Moral and Affective Education:

Through the stories from “Little Mushroom: Emotional Intelligence for Children”, role play, games, coloring, oral practices, sticker game, nursey rhymes, etc., thirty positive and negative emotions commonly for children will be introduced. Thereby they help children to understand and enhance their emotional intelligence, as well as factor of success, thus developing a happy life.

Home-school Cooperation:

Our school has a parent volunteers’ team, it aims to bring the parents and school to become education partners. Through the same of goal parents and school collaboratively, create the ideal growth environment for children, in order for them to learn by themselves in a pleasant environment. Moreover, our school will host different types of parent-child activities and parent education seminars, in order to promote the cooperation between parents and school.

Parents and Students Support:

Our school has kindergarten social work services. They provide professional and appropriate support to students and teachers in need, in order to nurture children to grow healthily.