School introduction

School introduction:

Our school is the 25th kindergarten established by Po Leung Kuk, under the generous donation by chairman Lee Yuet Wah, our school was subsequently named as the Po Leung Kuk Lee Shu Fook kindergarten. Our school have close to 20,000 square foot of space with 14 regular classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, music rooms, visual rooms, library and outdoor garden, with comprehensive facilities. Our school is one of the largest kindergarten established to date under the banner of Po Leung Kuk.


School establishment date:

September 2016

We follow the "Kindergarten education guidelines" from the Education Bureau of Hong Kong; to promote the 5 aspects of learning through active experiences, promoting interests and diverse elements of development to create a "learn from games" kindergarten. With our professional teaching staff, foreign English tutors and Mandarin tutors; we aim to strengthen "2 language and 3 speeches" and to nurture a generation of youth with good language skills, communication skills, confidence, initiative, self-value, and respect for others. 


School specialty :

  1. Our school facilities and amenities are designed by specialists. We have a large underground playground, with sand box corner, water games and fitness equipment; we let students "learn from games, and play during learning"
  2. Our classrooms have a diverse range of themed corners to let our students freely play; the objective is to encourage the 6 pillars of learning and development. The corners include, role playing, Lego, math, creative, music, books, science and arts and crafts corner.
  3. To work towards the school vision for the future; our school have a strong long term advisory board, including, Dr. Xu Na Na, Professor Sek Chun Ka Wei, as all as Po Leung Kuk Choi Gei Yau school principal, Lau Ling, Po Leung Kuk Chan Shau Yun primary school principal, Yeung Wing Ming and finally Po Leung Kuk Law Fund Secondary Principal. The board provides professional input in our curriculum design, primary transition program and arrangements.


School mission and responsibility :

Our school mission is to uphold "Love Respect Diligence Integrity", to promote the 5 pillars of development and focus on the learning of our students. To provide a quality learning environment for students to handle knowledge, skills, and to build strong fundamentals in learning. To nurture youth and to serve the wider society through providing education.