To enable children with special needs to receive the necessary training early in the prime training period, on-site services are provided to the participating kindergartens (KGs) and Kindergarten/ Child care centres (KG/CCCs) for children who are on the waiting list for SWD-subvented pre-school rehabilitation services. This service provides professional advice for kindergarten teachers/ child care workers to assist them in working with children with special needs; to support parents on fostering positive attitude and providing effective skills in raising their children with special needs.

Service Natures
For children with special needs:
On-site individual/ group rehabilitation training; and training at centres equipped with rehabilitation facilities.
For teachers/ child care workers/ parents/ carers:
On-site professional consultation services, demonstrations and seminars etc.
Service Characteristics:
Our teams provide outreaching service to the participating KGs or KG/CCCs.
Our professional team comprised of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Special Child Care Workers. Our team works together and endeavours to provide a wide spectrum of child care services, targeted treatment programmes for children with special needs.
Training is also provided at Early Education and Training Centre (EETC) or centres with relevant facilities to meet the training needs of children.