About the Service:

We focus on the collaboration between the social workers and the teachers. The social workers will provide aids to the parents that are in need, and organize workshops, conferences, and counseling services especially for children with special needs.

Server target: 

  • To support the school and provide teaching advises for parents. In addition, to help the parents understand student’s diversity and specific needs in different stages, and improve the communication between the school and parents.
  •  Actively get involved with the special needs students and their family members in order to provide immediate guidance for those students.
  • To provide consultation and training for the teaching staff in order to enhance teaching quality of the school

Service details and objectives: 

Case guidance and intervention services: 

Our social worker handles each case professionally and provides guidance for students and parents; including home teaching, couples counseling, graduation advises, offering training for SEN students.

Home education and parent support services:

We organize several parents’ conferences, parents’ workshops, school’s meetings and activities in order to have better support for the parents.

Youth Development and further support services:

In order to support the students, our social worker provides specifically-designed activity for our students. In which, includes the students social clubs, lessons support, emotional intelligence training, and training for SEN students.

Support for teachers:

To provide support, guidance, consultations, for teaching staff of the school through, training groups, activities as well as group lessons 


To prevent domestic abuse and family conflicts our social work keeps a close relationship with the students and their parents.

Service target:

Kindergarten and pre-school students, parents and teachers

Working days: Thursday only from 8:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Please feel free to pay us a visit and ask questions with our on-site social worker.