School Curriculum

Our school curriculum follows the latest “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” (2017) issued by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. It covers the 6 learning areas which are carefully woven into our class system. "Play" is the learning pillar that promotes "group teaching", and encourages "independent learning" and "collaborative learning" principles. Our teachers will introduce the "project approach" to make adjustment for students’ interests and capabilities. The objective is to trigger learning initiative that helps enrich learning experiences. Our curriculum also includes self-management, conduct, and ethical studies to help students build exceptional learning habits and ethical moral values.

Free Play

Play is a fundamental activity that encourages children to cooperate, learn and have fun in a positive way. Therefore, our objective is to provide the correct tools and environment for our students to learn and study in a fun manner. Through play, our students can gain important life experiences and value understanding, and learn other disciplines and concepts.

Ethics and Conduct Class

Through story-telling, group work and "conduct baby program", we help students to develop moral ethics and positive conduct. There is a leader board in each class to encourage students to act and behave respectfully.

Scientific Methodology

Through scientific themes, we provide students in all class levels with the opportunity to explore scientific concepts. Through experiences and activities, we help students learn physical concepts and promote the attitude of constant exploration and self-learning among students.

READ & WRITE : A Jockey Club Learning Support Network

For our kindergarten and pre-school students, we provide the "READ & WRITE : A Jockey Club Learning Support Network” to help students with listening, speaking, reading and writing. This helps to promote pronunciation, vocabulary, text recognition, grammar, character strokes, response, active movements, pen and writing styles, and more language based knowledge and skills.

"Straighten Up School Campaign" School Spinal Care Program

We conduct back exercise sessions for every morning or afternoon class. We also introduce short in-class exercise time slots to help students develop correct posture habits, to strengthen their body and promote better overall health.

School English Curriculum

Our professional foreign teacher leads students through a cheerful and native learning environment. We have created a range of phonics, communication, game activities and language scenarios to help our students learn correct pronunciation, portrayal, speaking and other core language skills. Our diverse activities include conversations, songs, speeches, games, and school plays to create a complete English learning environment. These activities help to build up the confidence of our students and encourage them to gain interest and initiative in learning English.

Fitness Encouragement Program

We conduct fitness tests to help us understand our students’ physical status and development. Students who reach a certain fitness standard will receive a certificate of merit.

Student Study Report

Our school provides continuous assessment and student learning program. By recording and monitoring students’ learning continuously, we aim to distinguish the progress of each student in order to pinpoint and improve individual weaknesses, and to provide quality learning goals and habits. We can monitor students’ language skills, attitude, group work, understanding, health and artistry. To further improve learning outcomes, we invite parents to collaborate with us by monitoring their children’s progress at home and beyond.

Cantonese Pronunciation Project

Through our Cantonese Pronunciation Project, we help students learn through storytelling. The idea is to establish a solid foundation for Cantonese pronunciation. Every year we provide a pronunciation test for our kindergarten classes to identify students in need and help those students to improve their pronunciation with direct tutoring and lessons. We also ask parents to join the "Proper Cantonese pronunciation seminar" to help them learn correct pronunciation with recommended techniques.

"Zippy's  Friends" Emotion Class (Pre-School Lesson)

We promote the"Zippy's Friends" class for pre-school students to handle their emotions. There are 6 units in the class, including emotion, communication, construction and destruction, conflict resolution, confronting change, and adapting to new environments. Through storytelling, our teachers teach emotional and environmental analysis and understanding. This helps students learn how to confront and manage negative emotions and to improve their emotional health.

Project Approach

Through the collaboration of students and teachers, the students themselves will create new themes of study for the class. We let our students take the initiative to search for answers. Through the process of inquiry, we provide students the opportunity to voice their opinions, utilize their language abilities and learn the skill of persuasion and acceptance. Furthermore, students can understand the importance of team work, sharing answers and developing a positive learning attitude.

Environmental Awareness Class

Our school highly emphasizes environment conservation through active programs and activities. We provide students thought provoking and meaningful learning experiences to help them develop a sense of awareness and appreciation of our environment. We organize activities to encourage students to recycle paper, sort rubbish, reduce use of disposable items, use rubbish for arts and crafts, etc. We plan to expand our initiative for parents as well, by organizing environmental awareness lectures, workshops, parent-child designed activities, etc. We believe that this message of saving the environment must be shared with every household. We hope that through these initiatives, we can raise awareness and allow our next generation to enjoy our clean and healthy planet Earth.