Communication with Parents
Our school provides various channels of information for parents to help them better understand students’ experiences in our curriculum.

School Information Board: It provides information for parents regarding school operations and development.

• Information Room: It provides loaning services for reading materials, teaching magazines, CDs, VCDs and more.

Education Talks: We host regular education talks for parents, including teaching techniques to build a positive family attitude at home.

Family Activities and Games Day: We host regular family activities and events to promote the relationship between parents, teachers and most importantly, the students.

Parent Discussion Events: They improve communication between parents and teachers and are held every semester (2 sessions per academic year).

New Enrolment Orientation for Parents: It introduces school facilities, class teachers, and school officers to parents. We provide parents with further information of class mode and curriculum through introductory videos.

Class Progression Orientation for Parents: It helps parents understand the new changes in curriculum, activities, and important issues every academic year. This encourages stronger parent and school communication.

Pre-Primary Orientation for Parents: We invite primary school principals to give talks for parents on more in-depth information regarding primary school place allocation and application for primary school during our Pre-Primary orientation.

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA): It provides an opportunity for parents to participate in the planning of school events and activities. The objective is to provide parents with a better sense of collaboration with the school. This builds a stronger relationship to help promote better student development at school and at home.