School introduction     

Established in 1997 under Po Leung Kuk as a non-profit kindergarten based on the "free quality education for kindergarten program". Our school is located in Lantau Island, Tung Chung district. Our school follows the "Pre-primary school education guidelines" by the education bureau of Hong Kong to promote the balance of the 5 areas in learning in our school curriculum. Our school offers a curriculum based on art and language expression to help students learn English and mandarin. The concept is to promote student interest in studying and to lay a solid foundation for bi-literacy and multilingualism learning in the future.

  • With "Love, Respect, Diligence and Honesty"

School Teachers

・Principal 1 person
・Vice principal 1person
・Head teacher 2 people
・Head of department4 people
・Teacher 13 people
・Non-Chinese speaking support teacher 2 person
・English teacher 1 person
・Mandarin teacher 1 person
・Secretary 2 people
・School janitor 4 people
1 person
・Bus driver 1 person

Professional services

  • Our school has on-site social worker to help students and parents with professional consultation and academic guidance.
  • Our school is under the "Fly high" project under Po Leung Kuk, to improve school support and staff training