School Introduction

  • Our school was established in 1995, with the generous donation by the Po Leung Kuk chairman of 1966, Dr. Fong Yun Wah JP, under the name of Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation in 1995 allocated by the Po Leung Kuk board to begin start our kindergarten. The donation of six hundred and eighty thousand hong kong dollars by the chairman; the school was subsequently named after the Spouse of Dr. Fong; Madame Fong Wong Kam Chuen.


School Curriculum

All-round education 

  • - Our learning activities are designed based on children’s interests, abilities and real-life experience along with the thematic approach.
  • - We promote inquiry-based learning with the IBPYP framework into our curriculum.
  • - Scientific-learning is advocated to nurture children’s curiosity and raise their problem-solving skills.
  • - Stimulating children’s creativity and imagination through aesthetic exploration.
  • - Developing children’s self-learning ability with diversified learning corners.


Learning Methodology

  • Our school offers comprehensive themed teaching, our curriculum focuses on enrich the learning experience for our students. Through creative games, class discussions, student experiments, outdoor field trips and other group learning opportunities, we hope to help them our students develop encourage interest and a positive learning attitude through correct conduct and life mentalities. At the same time, we promote the learning of language through our sustainable reading program; the concept is to let families help students develop an interest and penchant for reading, and speaking. Besides reading, our school also implement music class with a focus on percussion instruments to help students learn a wider range of disciplines. Our music class are designed to help students train concentration, body and muscle control, as well as increase creativity.