Curriculum Introduction

Based on the principles of fostering children’s comprehensive and balanced development, our school’s curriculum aims to help children achieve five developmental objectives, such as “Moral Development", “Cognitive and Language Development”, “Physical Development”, “Affective and Social Development”, and “Aesthetic Development”, with a view to nurturing children to attain the fully development the domains of of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.

The above mentioned developmental objectives are achieved through six Learning Areas, which are “Physical Fitness and Health”, “Language”, “Early Childhood Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, “Self and Society” and “Arts and Creativity”..

Our curriculum is designed to adapt students’ progression and learning characteristics, we design meaningful and interesting sensory activities for students. In addition, our curriculum is student-oriented. We also encourage parent-teacher cooperation and participation in community services.

Our school promotes bilingual learning, and language based learning Specialized Teaching (Putonghua, English, e-whiteboard, computing, storytelling, language games, arts)

Our goal is to build a positive school culture, develop a positive attitude in children. Encourage children to try and accept challenges. Also, incorporate concepts of sex education, emotional development, environmental education, moral and national education into the regular curriculum.

We hope to develop our students into independent learners by comprehensive activities, letting them explore, question, research and discuss.

School Features

English and Mandarin Classes

We are committed to enhance the biliterate and trilingual abilities of students. All Native English-speaking teacher and a Mandarin teacher will stay in classroom three hours a day. Our experienced Native English-speaking teachers encourage students to learn English in a cheerful and native learning environment. We provide pre-school Cambridge English class and create a range of phonics, storytelling, games, singing, reading aloud, show and tell and group discussion activities to help our students learn correct pronunciation and enhance their proficiency. Through diversified activities, aims to enhance students’ learning capacity in second language.

 In Mandarin, our Certified Mandarin teachers are employed to create a studious learning environment, helping students to improve listening and speaking skills. We also teach students Putonghua phonetics (tone, vowel, consonant). Through interactive activities, story listening, singing, role play, students learn in a productive language learning environment.

Each Class also provides fun and interactive English and Mandarin enrichment classes after school. English enrichment classes include Cambridge, Trinity and Phonics, create and English-rich environment within the school. And Mandarin enrichment classes include Putonghua phonetics and GAPSK aims to help students master the language of Putonghua conversations.

Through creating a natural language learning environment, our school hopes to lay a solid foundation in acquiring English and Putonghua and prepare our students for applying Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools.

Specialized Teaching

Specialized teaching in areas such as language, English, information technology, storytelling, arts, music and physical education are encouraged to enhance students’ learning capacity. We assign Specialist Teachers for each class, enriching learning diversity.

We design language activities according to READ & WRITE: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network curriculum written by Heep Hong Society, aiming to enhancing students’ language capabilities.

Information Technology is essential to nowadays life. We make good use of computer, e-whiteboard to play games with students, aiming to strengthen students’ motivation to study.

Habit of reading books should be cultivated at learning stage. Through storytelling, specialist teachers teach students knowledge, skills, politeness, and attitudes and values towards life and boost their creativity.

Art education can nurture students to pursuit truth, benevolence and beauty, also develop their self-confidence. A professional art teacher employed by the school, aims to attract students in creative activities. Let children have an understanding of Chinese and Western art, and able to appreciate different culture. Through making creative artwork, the development of language emotional, artistic, and creativity are promoted. Students’ artworks are posted at school.

 Music and rhythm not only bring joy to children, but also encourage children to learn independently and accelerate brain development. The school have hired professional music teacher to come to school two days a week. In addition to cultivating children's interest in music, they can also enhance children's understanding of different instruments and master the correct method of percussion. Engage children in musical experiences, receiving and using stimuli from their sense of hearing.

Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for children, and schools can play an influential role in helping students engage in physical exercise and play. The school have hired professional physical fitness coaches to come to school two days a week, provides engaging health and wellness activities encouraging children to stay active and healthy. Through innovative physical activities and games, children can learn and improve the motor development and coordination, developing their physical skills from an early age.

Language Learning Environment

We are committed to implemented "Biliterate and Trilingual" language education policy aiming at nurturing students' English and Chinese language proficiency. Besides the curriculum planning, we also put emphasis on creating language learning atmosphere in classroom environment and establishing reading corners. Students can accumulate experience in listening, speaking, reading and writing through the activities in class. We hope to increase the exposure of languages for our students at every corner of the school campus in turn enhance language development and growth in our students. Our school has been awarded the "Language learning campus environment improvement award" in 2015, based on our efforts in creating a language orient curriculum.

Positive education

The school holds great importance for positive education, which helps children to have a positive and optimistic attitude from an early age. In order to grow up healthily and happily. In different activities, children are encouraged to take challenges, try hard without fear of failure, have good emotional management, appreciate themselves and care for others. As a result, children are able to like and enjoy the great fun brought by learning.

Moral and National Education

We include moral and national education into regular curriculum. Through games, storytelling, and learning activities, we teach students to care others, to contribute to society, to be polite. We believe example is better than precept. Elements of moral education, environmental education, sex education, emotional education and national education are immersed in regular lessons, aiming to develop a positive character.

Our moral and national education group is a long-term recipient of the "Yan Chai Hospital Moral and Civic Education Fund the 20th Moral and Civic Education Award. Furthermore, our school received "Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence" in Year 2010-2011 for our efforts in teaching ethics and proper citizenship our school.

School Play and Drama

School plays provide opportunity for students to observe, intimate, imagine. Teachers and students work together to write an interesting story. At the same time, students are encouraged to use both languages, and perform the story in front of the audience. Students have to share workload, for example, stage setting, costumes making, props making. We hope that through drama, students can learn to express emotions through voice, language, action and expression, in turn, to promote learning in music, dance and other areas of development.

Students are encouraged to express their emotions in different drama strategies, naming games, discussion, roleplay, and crossroads of life. Students have to perform in front of audience, aiming to boost their self-confidence. Through the whole process of play, students’ creativity and expression ability is promoted. Learning in drama can develop students’ reading habit, and inspire them to think actively and solve problems.

Break Through Friday, unlocking students’ full potential in free play.

Every Friday, We hold a special activity at our school hall. Students are provided with the opportunity to perform in front of classmates. By promoting competition such as dance shows, concerts and chances of public showcase. We aim to help students build presentation skills and responsibility. Through diversified activities including, conversations, songs, speech, games and school plays, and rhythm games, we encourage students to make a breakthrough, Our ultimate goal is to provoke learning interest and initiative by boosting their self-confidence.

We offer free play on Friday, it is a special, unstructured play time for children. Aims to develop students’ social skills, stimulates their autonomy, promotes problem solving skills, fosters creative thinking and encourages learning by playing with others.

Encourage Creativity

In every classroom, we provide drawing boards and canvas walls for our students to develop their artistic potential. Students’ artworks are shown around the school, from classroom, windows, walls, to ceiling. We create an artistically rich environment for students, and were awarded "Hong Kong Art Development Award" in 2011.

Environmental Education

Our school puts much emphasis on environmental conservation, and actively participates in environmental protection activities, including No Air-Con Day, Earth Hour and Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action, hoping to let students to experience energy saving. We also join One Person, One Flower Scheme, hoping to promote a green culture among students and cultivate their interest in growing plants. Students are encouraged to recycle materials. Participating "Carbon emissions reduction", "Food For Good", and "Food For Good", and "Kids' Greenway" project", we actively promote environment conservation message to our students. . Furthermore, our school hopes to help students learn the importance of conserving plants and vegetation. Through a series of activities including planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing, we hope let students create a refreshing environment they would enjoy themselves. We also make use of food waste into fertilizer.

Implementing aquaponics into schools is a great way to improve the school’s overall attitude and commitment towards sustain ability and caring for the environment.

Aquaponics is the raising of fish and plants in a recirculating ecosystem. Furthermore, we have some small turtles to let children learn have to take care of them. It helps to cultrate their love for animals and plants from an early age.

Diverse Extracurricular

Despite the wide variety of school activities, various extra-curricular activities are provided for parents and students, ranging from scout –grasshopper, flag guards, singing class, musical instrument class, dancing class, Math Olympiad class and drawing class. We aim to nurture their team spirit, co-operation, discipline and develop confidence and personal interests through these non-academic activities.

Parents Teachers Association

The parents teacher association was established in 2000; members include parents and school representatives, We also invite professional to be our consultants.

The objective of the association is to encourage home school cooperation, and at last to create a caring environment for students to achieve whole-person development, nurturing students as a caring, responsible, respectful citizens. Activities organized by parents teacher association is popular among parents. They join our activities including parent-child outing, handcraft classes, seminars.

Parent Volunteer Group

Our school established parent volunteer group, providing a source of manpower to our school activities such as parent child stroy telling, Parent child games, planting activities, mixed age activities, food making and out-side school activities, guided visit, competition, school closing ceremony. Through participating these activities, parents can learn practical skills including storytelling, leading activities while understand more about school operation and students’ learning methods. Parents are the role model of their children. Parent volunteer in helping school activities can on the one side help students to create a sense of belonging to school; on the other side the spirit of helping others can be passed on from generation to generation.

Student support

To satisfy different needs and requirements of our students, our school offers support including:

- School-based social worker

- On-Site Pre-School Rehabilitation Services

- Kimochis/ Zippy’s Friends (Emotion development)

- READ & WRITE provided by Chinese University Hong Kong and Heep Hong Society (Potential Dyslexia)

- Dental Examination provided by University of Hong Kong

- Life education (school-based social worker), moral and civic education, sex education, positive education

- "[email protected]" Campaign, vision screenings, Cantonese pronunciation test, Fitness test , spinal examinations, foot examinations, eye exercise, spinal exercise, Orientation class and New Student Induction Week .