Introduction of School Social Work Services

Agency: Po Leung Kuk Kindergarten Social Work Services

Social Worker: Ms. Li Junying, Carol

Stationing Time: 8:15p.m.-5:00p.m.


  •  To provide parental education about child development and positive parenting skills
  •  To identify children and families in need and provide appropriate counseling and assistance to enhance physical and mental health of children
  •  To provide counselling and training for teachers in order to facilitate the full development of students in teaching

Services Contents

  •  To Provide professional counseling and make referrals for children and families in need
  •  To provide parenting talks, focus-groups and workshops as well as parent-child activities
  •  To organize a variety of groups for children
  •  To provide teacher training or team building activities
  •  To provide crisis Intervention