Curriculum Introduction

Our school follows the "Pre-primary school education guidelines" by the education bureau of hong kong to promote the balance of the 5 pillars in learning in our school curriculum. Our school offers a curriculum based on art and language expression to help students learn English and mandarin. The concept is to promote student interest in studying and to lay a solid foundation for 2 languages and 3 speeches learning in the future. At the same time, we hope to nurture initiative and courage of solving problems in our students. Through group and class tutoring, our teachers design rich and practical lessons to help student learn living skills, to promote thinking, creativity and imagination, to let our children take control and have an interactive learning experience. Our school organizes visits and fieldtrips to offer students the chance to learn through observation, research, discussion, recording and sharing. By combining advancement in information technology and the use of interactive e-whiteboard teaching materials we hope to provide a comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Curriculum specialty

Our school offers a curriculum based on art and language expression, through music, sports, arts and other disciplines to help students learn languages, to help them improve creativity, artistic sense, fitness development and more. We also provide JELIC multi-aspect learning courses to encourage brain development, to nurture student independence, initiative, concentration, thinking, analysis and proper conduct and ethical mentalities.

Our school provide interactive e-whiteboards to enrich student learning through experience, excitement as well as increasing the studious nature of the school environment .

Class Hours

Half Day

Morning session    9:00am - 12:00pm

Afternoon session    1:30pm -  4:30pm

Full Day

Full Day session        8:30am - 4:30pm